‘Homesick’ Dog Walks 62 Miles With Bleeding Paws to Find Her Owners

golden retriever

A dog in China endured a 62-mile walk so she could return to her owners.

Temporary separation: Ping An, which means “safe and sound,” is a 1-year-old golden retriever, who was temporarily left to the care of her owner’s friends in Nantong while their home in Qidong City was being renovated.

  • After staying four months in Nantong, her caretakers were heartbroken when they discovered Ping An was missing, reported Metro UK (via Jinghai Evening News).
  • She was found two weeks later in Qidong by rescuers who described the dog as “quite depressed after she was unable to find her owners.”
  • Ping An appeared to be limping with leg injuries outside of an office building and her paws were covered in blood.
  • Ping An’s owners were able to find their tired dog after the rescuers posted her images on WeChat.

Heart-warming reunion: The family rushed to the site and picked up Ping An, as seen in the now-viral video.


  • “Ping An, you’ve worked hard. You’ll just stay home from now on. We would never send you away,” one of the owners said in Chinese.
  • Ping An was taken to the vet for a check-up and is now recovering from her injuries.
  • The owners pledged not to part with her again following the ordeal.

Featured Image Screenshots via Jinghai Evening News (left), 海峽導報 (right)

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