GoFundMe Launches Hub for AAPI Fundraising Campaigns to #StopAsianHate

GoFundMe Launches Hub for AAPI Fundraising Campaigns to #StopAsianHate
Bryan Ke
March 3, 2021
GoFundMe has launched a hub containing all fundraising campaigns dedicated to helping the AAPI community as part of its #StopAsianHate initiative.
About 100 personalities from the entertainment and fashion industries like Phillip Lim, Eva Chen, and Prabal Gurung showed their support to end the violence against the AAPI community and help the victims of hate, according to WWD.
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“The recent attacks against the AAPI community have catalyzed a strong response among a diverse cross section of society,” GoFundMe’s chief marketing officer, Musa Tariq, said in a statement. “We knew we could help by doing what GoFundMe does best — connecting those who need help with those who are willing and able to do so.”
The crowdfunding platform said they are standing “with the AAPI community and remains committed to rectifying the racial inequalities in our society.”
Other supporters of the initiative include Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Wu and Amanda Nguyen, who all appeared in MSNBC to shine a light on the recent growing hate against Asian Americans.
“The issue of violence against the Asian American community has been widely underreported in the media and somewhat silenced during the pandemic,” Lim said in a statement on Tuesday. “These hate crimes are up by 1,900 [in New York City, according to 2020 NYPD data] and are a symptom of a larger issue rooted in systemic racism. It is a direct result of the xenophobia and colonialism that has existed in America for decades.”
GoFundMe also organized a campaign to support the AAPI community fund. The company will use the money from the fundraiser and turn it into a grant that they will issue to “trusted organizations working to rectify the racial inequalities in our society.”
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