Japanese Anime Park Will Let You Zip-Line Into Godzilla’s Mouth

Japanese Anime Park Will Let You Zip-Line Into Godzilla’s MouthJapanese Anime Park Will Let You Zip-Line Into Godzilla’s Mouth
A popular anime park in Japan is adding a special attraction featuring a beloved giant lizard
Monster museum: Situated in Hyogo Prefecture on Awaji Island, the Nijigen no Mori amusement park is paying homage to Godzilla by dedicating its very first museum, SoraNews24 reports. 
  • The museum is known as “Godzilla Geigeki Sakusen ~Kokuritsu Godzilla Awaji-shima Kenkyuu Center~” or “Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji ~National Awaji Institute of Godzilla Disaster~.”
  • Admission to the attraction costs 1,000 yen ($9.43) for adults and 800 yen ($7.55) for children, which provides the visitor access to the attractions and a free Godzilla clear file.
  • While the park has yet to announce when the entire attraction opens, the museum will have an advanced opening that will last until August 31.
Everything Godzilla: The attraction has several highlights, including dioramas, a zip-line that dives into Godzilla’s mouth and specialty shops that sell limited-edition merchandise. 
  • Toho, the company which produced the Godzilla movies, helped in the creation of the dioramas, supplying old Godzilla suits and building sets used in the films.
  • The museum reportedly hosts 80 different Godzilla figures, prototype models of the enemy monsters and other props from the production company. 
  • The attraction will also include a zip-line that would allow visitors to enter a frozen Godzilla’s mouth by flying through its body. Others may also zip-line around it so they can observe Godzilla from the outside. 
  • Visitors may also play a shooting game, in which they destroy the cells from Godzilla’s frozen body to keep them from reproducing.  
  • Mori No Terrace, the park’s restaurant, offers a special Godzilla menu, while exclusive Godzilla-themed merchandise can be found in gift shops at Nijigen no Mori.
  • Children’s tickets include the fukimodoshi workshop, where children are taught to make a Godzilla-decorated party blower.
Nijigen no Mori, which literally translates to “two-dimensional forest,” provide an immersive experience to its visitors who want to get closer with their favorite pop culture characters, according to Gaijin Pot.
Aside from Godzilla, the outdoor anime paradise also features Naruto, Shin-chan, and other popular characters.
Feature Image via Nijigen no Mori
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