These ‘Butterfly Glasses’ from Korea are All the Rage on Instagram Now

These ‘Butterfly Glasses’ from Korea are All the Rage on Instagram Now
Carl Samson
August 2, 2019
An Etsy shop selling intricate, avant-garde eyewear pieces has become a gold mine for fashion-forward netizens looking to spice up their Instagram game.
Godsomware, based in South Korea, has amassed a cult-like following for its series of “butterfly sunglasses,” which come in head-turning designs from dragons to thunderbolts.
So far, Godsomware has made 379 sales on Etsy since it joined in 2018 — an impressive count for craftsmanship fine-tuned to detail.
The shop, with 33,000 followers on Instagram and counting, has also caught celebrity attention, with Janelle Monae wearing the “Third Eye Protection” in this year’s Met Gala after-party.
In an interview with i-D, creator Aggie Nam admitted that her booming business was born out of inspiration.
“It was around 2017 when I saw Jzhong’s flaming shades on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with them. I literally had my alarm set to buy the meteor glasses and it was sold out so fast. So I decided to make my own version of it and I made a thunder shaped glasses. At that time, I had about 100 followers and just decided to start sharing some of my drawings on my Instagram account.”
While Nam’s creative process is heavily influenced by what’s already available on the internet, she puts in the hours to develop her products as uniquely as possible.
“I take a lot of inspiration from works by a lot of people I see online. I spend a lot of time watching videos and looking at pictures of fauna, flora, and insects. I take ideas from various things online and incorporate them into mine, adding upon them to make them better or mixing them in my own way. I use the broken pieces during the process of making the products to make something new.”
Nam explained that “Godsomware” is inspired by her actual creative process. The name fuses three meanings: (1) God that exists somewhere, (2) a thing that occurred as God insisted and (3) “I got it from somewhere.”
According to Nam, who is an atheist, “God” in this context does not refer to a specific religious figure. Instead, it “represents a thing that was brought to the world through me with some sort of energy.”
So far, 80% of Nam’s customers reportedly come from the U.S.
Given her rising popularity, no items are currently available, so anyone interested should check out her shop and Instagram page for updates.
Check out more of her work below:
Featured Images via Instagram / @carincorn (Left) and (Right)
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