Russians Throw Glass Bottles into the Sea, Nature Responds With a Beautiful Surprise

They say nature has its way of giving back, and for one Russian sea that took empty bottles from booze-thirsty humans, it’s all surprisingly beautiful.


In the past, the Ussuri Bay, located northeast of the Peter the Great Gulf, served as a dumping site for glass bottles and porcelain.

But thanks to years of erosion, these bottles of beer, vodka and wine were broken and polished to become artificial pebbles that now make up the so-called “Glass Beach.”

Image: @ula1673
Image: @ula1673


The site, once considered dangerous, is now frequented by tourists hoping to get a glimpse of nature’s power.


Known to Russians as Steklyashka, the Ussuri Bay appears most stunning during the winter as snow highlights the colors of the glass, according to The Siberian Times.

In the summer, the shore, along with its clean water, shines with the sun’s reflection.

Image: @ula1673
Image: @ula1673

Visitors pay a small fee to access the site that is now protected by the Russian government, according to Daily Mail.

Cover Images: @ula1673 and @dumbrava_regina_

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