Glamour Magazine Goes to Japan, Takes the Most Racist Instagram Photo

The Glamour Brazil team recently took a trip to Japan for a project and posted the following photo on Instagram.

The caption, roughly translate to the following via Google Translate:

“And our Glamour Japan project has just come true! Here, in this fun Boome slant eyes, who makes it all happen”

I don’t think we need an explanation of why this is offensive and racist. So naturally, people expressed their disdain on social media.

Even with the immediate backlash, the post was up for three days before being deleted. They also posted the following apology — short and sweet.

The text roughly translate to: “Regarding the Instagram post published on November 1, on our trip to Japan, we would like to apologize to those who have felt offended! We didn’t have the intention and really regret what happened. Team Glamour.”

Glamour is owned by Condé Nast, along with Bon Appétit, possibly the most culturally insensitive food magazine on all time. So yeah, that probably gives you a better idea of what kind of company we’re dealing with.

h/t: Angry Asian Man

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