‘Don’t touch me!’ Distressed K-Pop Idol Caught on Video Repeatedly Yelling at Event Staff

‘Don’t touch me!’ Distressed K-Pop Idol Caught on Video Repeatedly Yelling at Event Staff‘Don’t touch me!’ Distressed K-Pop Idol Caught on Video Repeatedly Yelling at Event Staff
Ryan General
September 17, 2018
Fans of K-pop star Kim Hyo-Yeon are expressing their dismay on social media after a video of their idol apparently getting harrassed emerged online.
Hyo-Yeon, who is an active member of Girls’ Generation, attended the World Club Dome music event in Incheon, Korea on Saturday as a stage guest of Belgian DJ Dimitri Vegas, AllKPop reports.
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Footage reportedly taken at the event featured the South Korean singer shouting at an unknown staff member.  
In the clip, some staff members are seen roaming around on stage while Hyoyeon’s voice can be heard in the background.
“Excuse me, don’t touch me. Don’t touch me,” Hyo-Yeon could be heard saying repeatedly.
As the K-pop star repeated her pleas multiple times, it sounded like someone was trying to make physical contact with her without her consent again and again.
In the video, a male voice was then heard saying “as long as you’re on my stage, it’s my rules, which means you don’t film me, otherwise you can gladly go down.” It was not clear to whom that message was addressed to and whether it was spoken by the male staff in question.
While the video did not show exactly who among the persons around Hyo-Yeon was actually touching her, many have concluded that it was the male staff member who was frequently seen in the video.
“The amount of disrespect this man has,” one commenter wrote. “He acted like he was someone big when he was just a random member of staff. I hope he gets put in his place and that Hyoyeon is alright.”
Some have also pointed out that since Hyo-Yeon was doing a live-stream video when the incident happened, the man in question could also be asking her to stop filming. Hyo-Yeon saying “don’t touch me” might have been a response to the man trying to get her to stop filming. 
“He was clearly asking her to stop filming, and also that ‘don’t touch me’ thing was also that guy probably trying to get her to stop filming, maybe he tried to take the camera/phone from her or tried to get her off stage,” another netizen chimed in. “If she is not allowed to film/record on stage then it’s clearly her who is misbehaving with the staff by refusing to stop.”
Neither Hyo-Yeon nor the organizers at the World Club Dome have released a statement over the incident. 
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