Girls Eating Ice on Camera is the New ASMR Video Trend in China

Girls Eating Ice on Camera is the New ASMR Video Trend in China
Ryan General
March 27, 2018
A bizarre online trend from China has captured the attention of a specific group of people — girls eating ice.
Ice-eating videos have recently blown up in popularity on Chinese social media, inspiring many online streamers and vloggers to hop on the bandwagon. Multiple Instagram accounts have sprouted up, reposting the videos uploaded from local Chinese platforms.
While the trend’s appeal may seem quite odd to many, observers have noted that the videos are popular due to its ability to trigger an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).
For those uninitiated on the subject, the relaxing phenomenon known as ASMR is known to elicit “braingasms” and tingling sensations, creating a positive feeling of low-grade euphoria.
While a small percentage of people who like ASMR videos do so for sexual stimulation, the majority have reportedly responded well to whispering, crisp sounds, and slow movement just to feel relaxed or vulnerable with another person.

As it turns out, ice-eating is such an effective trigger for ASMR that many Chinese have become hooked on watching them. Its own #iceeating hashtag has consistently trended on social media, reports SoraNews24.
For variety, some vloggers have even expanded on including items that aren’t actually ice but have ice-like features, such as rock candies.
Feature image via Instagram / (left): slimeblackberries | (right): iceeating_vids
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