Girlfriend-For-Hire Reveals How Hard it is For Men to Get Married in China

Girlfriend-For-Hire Reveals How Hard it is For Men to Get Married in China

July 20, 2017
A girlfriend-for-hire shared her experience that highlights the hardships Chinese bachelors face in upholding marriage traditions.
Avid blogger Zhao Yuqing was always fascinated with websites that hire instant partner services.
Zhao’s interest in such websites grew to a point where she decided to become a girlfriend-for-hire herself. According to Reuters, the Chinese blogger received a whopping 700 candidates hoping to avail her service.
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Out of over a hundred choices, Zhao opted for a website operator from the rural south named Wang Quanming. While one might assume that Zhao is merely doing this for money, she explains that she’s more interested in the experience.
In fact, Zhao is only going to charge Wang for transportation and not for her girlfriend-for-hire services. The female blogger explains that she chose Wang since his need for a girlfriend is “real.”
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He is being pressured to find a wife,” Zhao added. In rural China, traditional marriage practices are of “greater urgency.” With that said, bachelors from this region face even greater pressure from their parents in finding a suitable mate.
The fake girlfriend eventually convinced Wang’s mother, Xiurong, about the legitimacy of their relationship. While things went smoothly in Wang’s favor, the bachelor decided to diffuse the situation himself.
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Wang eventually told his mother the truth by showing her the blog of his fake girlfriend. Xiurong admitted that she had no idea the relationship was fabricated but she wasn’t upset with her son’s efforts.
As for the fake girlfriend, Zhao revealed through her blog that she had quite a “wonderful experience.” However, despite Zhao’s efforts, Wang’s situation still persists and his mother is still worried about him not getting married.
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This just goes to show that traditional marriage dilemmas for bachelors in rural China is still a real issue. It’s no wonder that girlfriend-for-hire services cost as high as 10,000 yuan ($1,478) a day.
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