Disturbing Instagram Video Shows a Girl Holding a Knife to Her Boyfriend’s Neck

A new video proves that people living out their personal romantic relationships on social media has gone to the extreme.
A disturbing video reportedly posted to Instagram shows a young woman holding a large knife to the neck of a young man thought to be her boyfriend so that he will disavow other women commenting on his pictures.
“Say it. Say it,” the woman says in the video.
The young man’s voice seems nervous and forced when he then says to the camera: “You hoes need to stop commenting on my Instagram pictures you are fucking up our relationship.”
The woman continues to pressure him and then slaps him.
He then says: “Me and Riley are in love. You hoes don’t matter.”
It’s unclear where the video, originally reported by the Daily Mail, is from and whether it is real. The couple has also not yet been publicly identified.
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