CCTV captures moment girl in China falls out of moving car as it drives away unaware

  • A girl in China was seen on CCTV footage falling out of a vehicle at an intersection as the car continued to drive away without the driver noticing.
  • Appearing shocked and confused, the girl lay crying in the middle of the road.
  • Several cars stop, and good Samaritans get out to bring the girl to safety.
  • According to local news outlets, the police were contacted after the girl was brought to safety, and she sustained only minor injuries.

CCTV footage caught at an intersection in China showed a little girl falling out of a car window as the driver drives away without noticing.

At a traffic intersection in Ningbo of eastern China, CCTV footage shows the girl leaning out of the car window from the back seat and accidentally falling out as the car begins to move. The driver, unaware that the girl had fallen out, continues to drive away as the girl lays in the middle of the road shocked. 

As she lay crying, several vehicles stop, and people gather around the girl before safely bringing her to the side of the road and away from danger.

According to local news outlets, the girl was treated at a hospital for minor injuries, and the police were contacted. 

A man, Yang Haifeng, is believed to have been the first one to block the traffic. 

“I saw the child on the ground and was worried about the car behind. So I just drove over and parked in front of the kid,” Yang was quoted as saying per First Post.

The Yinzhou traffic police stated that those who stopped their vehicles and broke traffic laws will not be punished. They also reminded parents to use car seats for young children. 


Featured Image: Twitter

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