Japanese High School Boy Becomes Internet Celebrity For Looking Like a Girl

A male teenager has become a social media celebrity in Japan for his “girl-next-door” looks.

The androgynous 15-year-old has wowed the internet with his uncanny ability to convincingly doll himself up as a member of the opposite sex.

According to SoraNews24, he has earned thousands of followers online, with many falling for his gender-bending skills.

The high schooler, identified only by his social media handle @ginsyamu, has over 71,000 Twitter followers and almost 17,000 Instagram fans.

Confident about his gender ambiguity, @ginsyamu can be seen usually applying some mascara, lipstick, and eyeliners during his daily commute to school.

While he says he rarely does cross-dressing and never participates in any cosplay event, @ginsyamu stated in an interview that he did once dress up in a sailor uniform at an event. In some of his Instagram posts, he can be seen wearing a school girl uniform.

At his age, @ginsyamu revealed that he has never fallen in love, as none of his classmates, whether boy or girl, has courted him yet. He also admitted that at this time, he is not too sure if he likes girls or boys.

He revealed that all of his family members do not mind him wearing makeup and dressing up like a girl. In fact, they even consult @ginsyamu about cosmetics often because of his makeup know-how.

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