Gina Darling Responds to Gross Comments After Posting Self-Defense Training Video

Gina Darling Responds to Gross Comments After Posting Self-Defense Training Video
Leanna Chan
March 21, 2019
YouTube personality, model, and gamer Gina Darling responded to a wave of misogynistic comments left on a video of her taking a self-defense class. 
She explained in her caption, “I trained with @markwildman and it was the most fun workout ever. The guy does fight choreography for Hollywood movies so he let me swing weapons around while screaming. It was the best!”
In the video, Gina can be seen defending herself against celebrity trainer Mark Wildman, who tosses her to the ground by lifting her up by her bottom, lower thigh, and shoulder.
Despite Gina herself saying she enjoyed her training and found it empowering, she received a slew of perverted comments pointing out how Wildman grabbed her.
Outraged by the repulsive comments, she shamed these comments by putting them on blast on her story.
The model responded, “Ironically, these kinds of creeps are the reason why women have to take self defense class in the first place.” 
“YOU are part of the problem. YOU are what @markwildman is teaching us to fight against. Your mama didn’t carry you for 9 months to have you turn out like this. Don’t be sorry. Be better.”
“Not only are you diminishing the hard work and years of training and professionalism of a great person who teaches countless people self defense, but you are also showing how misogynistic you are.”
Gina pointed out that these commenters, mostly male, are unable to grasp what consent is and what is considered sexual.
“Please teach your kids not to be like this. Don’t be one of those boys, not men, who can’t tell the difference between consent and what is sexual or not.” 
Article images via Instagram / missginadarling
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