Gilgamesh of ‘Fate/Stay Night’ wishes Lil Nas X a happy birthday in unexpected crossover

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Image: Instagram; AniNews (YouTube)
  • On April 9, Sony Music Japan tweeted at Lil Nas X, “Happy Birthday!” along with an image of the character Gilgamesh from “Fate/Stay Night.”
  • The tweet shows Gilgamesh wearing his signature gold armor while holding a microphone next to the words “Happy Birthday Lil Nas X!”
  • The reference to Gilgamesh’s attire pays tribute to the similar Atelier Versace full-body, gold armor suit Lil Nas X wore to the Met Gala last year.
  • Gilgamesh and Lil Nas X also share close birthdays on April 5 and April 9, respectively.

In a celebratory birthday message for rapper and singer Lil Nas X, who turned 23 on Saturday, Sony Music Japan tweeted an image of the gold-armored Gilgamesh from “Fate/Stay Night.”

The tweet, posted to Sony Music Japan’s official account on April 9, includes an illustration of Gilgamesh wearing his gold armor uniform while holding a microphone, next to the message “Happy Birthday Lil Nas X!”

The reference to the “Fate/Stay Night” character’s costume pays tribute to Lil Nas X’s look at last year’s Met Gala, where he wore an Atelier Versace full-body, gold armor suit that was inspired by Gilgamesh. Lil Nas X had previously posted a tweet last year in which he compared photos of his Met Gala outfit to the suit worn by Gilgamesh in the video game series.


Gilgamesh’s birthday on April 5 also happens to be close to Lil Nas X’s.

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