Taiwanese ‘Bikini Hiker’ D‌i‌e‌‌s After Fall During Hike in Yushan National Park

Gigi Wu, also known as the “Bikini Hiker,” succum‌bed to her in‌juri‌es after f‌alli‌n‌g into a ravine during her solo hike through Yushan National Park.


Wu, who gained fame online for posting pictures of herself in a bikini while hiking, fell down a 65-foot valley while trying to ascend Taiwan’s highest peak on Sunday, according to the Daily Mail.

The 36-year-old amateur hiker sustai‌ned inj‌urie‌s from the fall and called for rescue at around 4 p.m. that same day. However, helicopters were not able to reach her due to bad weather.

Nantou County Fire Department had to travel on foot to meet her, Taiwan News reported on Monday.


Two search and rescue groups were organized to rescue Wu, while four other personnel were put on stand by.

Rescuers arrived at the location at around 12 p.m. on Monday and found that Wu showed no si‌g‌ns of life.

Commander Lin Cheng-I, head of the Nantou County Fire Department’s Third Squadron, said that Wu called in the distress signal at an altitude of 5,577 feet (1,699 meters) above sea level.

The location can reach a temperature as low as 2 degrees Celsius (35.6 degrees Fahrenheit) at night, according to the commander.

The team is still waiting for the weather to clear up before they can lift her body out of the narrow ravine.

Wu made her last social media post on Thursday, showing a spectacular view of the mountain and writing that she was “celebrating” that day, BuzzFeed reported.

This climb was part of Wu’s 25-day hike from Nanhua Mountain to Mount Cho-she, as she detailed in her itinerary post on December 24. She entered the mountain range in the national park on January 11 and was on her eighth day when the f‌at‌a‌l acc‌id‌ent occurred.

Featured Image via Facebook / GigiWu.BGN

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