This Adorable Giant Dumpling Light is Now on Sale for $32

This Adorable Giant Dumpling Light is Now on Sale for $32
Editorial Staff
June 10, 2019
We were all taken back by the sheer adorableness of Smoko’s XLB nightlight , but now a giant version of the dumpling is available for pre-order.
The Giant Dumpling Lamp looks very similar to the Little B but is much bigger and it comes with a few extra features.
The Little B is a battery-powered nightlight, while the Giant Dumpling can run on both batteries and an AC adapter with a USB option so you can plug it into your wall or computer.
The Giant Dumpling, which is about six inches wide and weighs one pound, is made up of soft silicone and has seven different color changing LED lights.
This Giant Dumpling Lamp is now available for pre-order for just $32 at Smoko with delivery expected to begin in mid-July.
If you find this cute, you should definitely check out Smoko’s other adorable products!
Editor’s note: We may get a cut of the sales made here. We appreciate you guys helping us keep the lights on!
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