(G)I-DLE go ‘Nxde’ with new comeback mini-album ‘I Love’

(G)I-DLE go ‘Nxde’ with new comeback mini-album ‘I Love’
Daniel Anderson
October 17, 2022
K-pop girl group
During a recent media showcase for their latest comeback, (G)I-DLE leader So-yeon said, “Our new album ‘I Love’ is truly an album about love. It talks about many kinds of love, and has many different emotions. And through all of it, we wanted to embody the process of finding true love. The true love we ultimately ended up with is self-love and to be loved just as I am, which is why the first track is ‘Nxde.'”
 The mini-album is packed with six tracks in total: “Nxde,” “LOVE,” “Change,” “Reset,” “Sculpture” and “DARK (X-file).” So-yeon suggested following the mini-album’s narrative by listening to track No. 6 first and ending with track No. 1.
Known for producing and writing much of (G)I-DLE’s discography, So-yeon co-wrote every track and also composed “Nxde” and “LOVE.” Meanwhile, member Yuqi composed “DARK (X-file)” and composed and arranged “Reset,” while member Minnie composed and co-wrote “Change” and composed “Sculpture.”
Prior to the release of “I Love,” (G)I-DLE dropped a music video for “DARK (X-file)” on Wednesday.
The CUBE Entertainment girl group recently concluded their “Just Me ( )I-DLE” world tour, which coincided with the March release of their first full-length studio album “I Never Die,” led by the title track “TOMBOY.”
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