‘Ghost In The Shell’ Tries Making a Viral Meme, Severely Backfires

What appears to be Paramount Pictures’ final marketing stunt to win moviegoers on “Ghost In The Shell” has been hijacked y the internet to protest against the film once more.

Paramount launched image generation website iammajor.me this weekend. It was first introduced in a 30-second ad featuring lead actor Scarlett Johansson, who says, “I am hunted. I am the hunter. I am fearless. I am coming for them. I am Major.”

In the website, fans can make their own graphic by uploading a photo of their choice and applying some text that begins with “I Am.”

For the uninitiated, the Major is the film’s protagonist — a cyborg that leads an anti-terrorist group called Public Security Section 9 — played by Johansson, which did not exactly please fans of the original manga and anime series.

Since the announcement of her casting, many have criticized the film for its blatant whitewashing. It even served as the inspiration for a short heartbreaking video.

News about the website quickly spread after it went live. As it turned out, fans took the opportunity to rally against the movie and Paramount. Below are some of the gems they’ve produced:

Image: @adrienne_kt
Image: @EdwinPeng88
Image: @riajuunibyou
Image: @Cinemacreep
Image: @KaraAndDeb
Image: @timothy_newport
Image: @riotgrrlriot
Image: @Authoroux
Image: @Cinemacreep
Image: @blacksun_flower

According to Polygon, many of the images featured Asian actors who may not be as popular as Johansson. These include Rinko Kikuchi, who may be remembered as Mako Mori in “Pacific Rim”.

“Ghost In The Shell” opens on March 31.

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