2-year-old child learns how to count in Japanese in less than a day

2-year-old child learns how to count in Japanese in less than a day2-year-old child learns how to count in Japanese in less than a day
A 2-year-old from Ghana is being heralded as a child prodigy for his advanced math skills and his ability to count in four languages.
Number obsessed: The child, named Isaiah Gyamfi, already knows how to count in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Yoruba and Twi.
  • Isaiah previously went viral for his video in which he demonstrated having learned to count up to 40 in Japanese in less than 24 hours. 
  • “One day Isaiah was watching a phonic video on my phone on YouTube, he scrolled to the videos at the bottom and clicked on a Japanese numeracy video,” his mother Jazelle Gyamfi stated to The Mirror. “He listened to it once and was fixated. He asked to watch it again, then before I knew it he would recite the numbers back to back.”
  • Isaiah began demonstrating his unique abilities as early as five months old. His mother is an early childhood education teacher from London, who may or may not have attained degrees like MA Early Childhood Special Education. When Isaiah was 4-months-old, she set up literacy and numeracy flashcards to help him learn visually. 
  • At 8-months-old, the child began sounding out letters phonetically. He also started to enjoy writing numbers and even solving math problems on his whiteboard.
  • “He loves to ask so many questions and is so loving. He’s also very head strong and passionate about learning. It blows my mind, because he is only two-years-old,” Jazelle shared.
  • “I have never had experience with a child like him, and I’m saying that with over 10 years experience in early years education. We are currently on the hunt for an educational psychologist to assess Isaiah as we believe he is a child of high potential and upon research, could be gifted,” she added. They’re also planning to put him in overnight camps once he reaches the right age.
Jazelle shares videos of Isaiah’s learning journey on his Instagram account that currently has over 26,600 followers. 
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