He Couldn’t Get Off Work to Pick Strawberries, So His Girlfriend Brought the Strawberry Field to Him

strawberry picking

Japanese work culture can often lead to long working hours and frequent overtime in the office. When one Twitter user couldn’t follow through on a cute date due to work restrictions, his girlfriend decided to bring the date to him.

According to SoraNews24, Twitter user rikujimasukuman, who is with his first girlfriend after 24 years of being single, promised to take her out on a strawberry picking date. However, as the day of the actual date came closer, rikujimasukuman found himself busier and busier with work, making things quite difficult for him to take a day off.

While some partners may have found themselves discouraged, his girlfriend saw an opportunity. Instead of going out by herself, she decided to bring the date to him.

She spontaneously hung a clothes-drying rack on the curtain rod in his apartment and started to clip the strawberries she bought one by one.

OK, now we can pick strawberries!” she said after she was done with her plan.


When some users expressed concern that the gesture seemed passive-aggressive, rikujimasukuman made it clear that she only wanted for them to experience what it’s like to go on a strawberry picking date. After clearing the air, netizens found her gesture super sweet.

“You have a wonderful girlfriend!”

“When you finally do get the chance, make sure you take her to a real strawberry patch.”

“So clever and cute! Take good care of her.”

“Just marry her already.”

Featured image via Twitter / rikujimasukuman

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