Getty Images Screws Up Apology for Mixing Up ‘Kelly Marie Tan’ and Mirai Nagasu

Getty Images Screws Up Apology for Mixing Up ‘Kelly Marie Tan’ and Mirai Nagasu

March 6, 2018
Getty Images has officially released a formal statement where it apologized for the horrible mix up when it captioned Vietnamese-American actress Kelly Marie Tran on the photo of Japanese-American Olympic skater Mirai Nagasu and vice versa.
However, things didn’t go smoothly when they first published the statement online as the company made a crucial error for writing “Tan” instead of “Tran” – not just once, but twice, according to Huffington Post.
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After yet another mishap, Getty Images finally got it right. Here’s what the company wrote:
Getty Images sincerely apologizes for the images of Kelly Marie Tran that incorrectly identified her as Olympian Mirai Nagasu and was licensed by customers who trusted the accuracy of the caption information.
“Getty Images holds itself to a high standard of editorial integrity and has robust measures in place to ensure our content ingestion process upholds these standards. We, like all news agencies, regret when these measures fail to capture an error.
“We distribute the work of a number of excellent image partners who are also covering major events such as The Oscars and as soon as the caption error was brought to our attention, the caption was amended and the correct images provided to our customers.
“We apologize to Ms Tran and Ms Nagasu for this error and meant no disrespect.”
Many fans were pretty much shocked by this horrible mix up when it was first brought to light this week.
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A lot of them immediately posted on Twitter to show how Getty Images put Tran’s name on Nagasu’s picture, and Nagasu’s name on Tran’s photo during the Oscars 2018 red carpet event.
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Weirdly enough, Getty Images did name the women correctly in its caption for the red carpet gallery.
Featured image (left) via Instagram / kellymarietran, (right) via Instagram / mirainagasu
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