Getty Images Can’t Tell Kelly Marie Tran and Mirai Nagasu Apart

This is Kelly Marie Tran, Vietnamese American actress and breakout star of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, the latest in the Star Wars film franchise.

image via Instagram/kellymarietran

And this is Mirai Nagasu, Team USA’s figure skating queen who is of Japanese heritage.

image via Instagram/mirainagasu

While both talented Asian American women, the two celebrities have very distinct looks and do not look even remotely identical.

image (left) via Instagram/kellymarietran image (right) via Instagram/mirainagasu

However, Getty Images apparently had problems telling each of them apart during their coverage of the 90th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night.

image via Instagram/kellymarietran

The stock photo website’s blunder, in which they captioned Tran’s image with Nagasu’s name, was posted by Twitter user Jackie Wong of

Could it be just an honest typo error? Possibly. But then again, how often do they actually mislabel Asian celebrities?

Twitter users couldn’t help but express their frustrations:

While the site has yet to comment on the error, it did caption Tran’s photo correctly in their gallery.

Feature Image (left) via Instagram/kellymarietran, (right) via Instagram/mirainagasu

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