Disturbing messages from man accused of pushing woman to her death in Germany shared by Thai chatmate

Disturbing messages from man accused of pushing woman to her death in Germany shared by Thai chatmateDisturbing messages from man accused of pushing woman to her death in Germany shared by Thai chatmate
via Chanidtha Khumpuok
Ryan General
June 23, 2023
A woman living in Thailand has shared chilling online messages she purportedly received from the man who would later be accused of sexually assaulting and killing one woman and injuring another in Germany.
Online chatmate: Chanidtha Khumpuok was playing an online game several months ago when she first connected with 30-year-old American Troy Bohling and went on to develop a friendship through their daily conversations. 
Their interaction would come to a sudden stop on June 14, the very day Bohling, of Lincoln Park, Michigan, allegedly committed the heinous crimes in Germany.
Shocking news: Khumpuok would later learn that the man she had been communicating with online stands accused of choking and pushing two women down a steep ravine.
She even received a series of selfies from Bohling less than an hour before the purported crimes occurred, including photos that showed him wearing the same attire he had on when police arrested him later that day.
What happened: Official reports noted that on that day, Bohling encountered 22-year-old Kelsey Chang and 21-year-old Eva Liu, on a hiking path at around 2:40 p.m.
Promising them a romantic view of the historic German castle Neuschwanstein, he was able to lure them to a barely visible trail and take them to a viewpoint on the bridge of Marienbrucke. 
The suspect first attacked Liu and then choked Chang when she rushed to her friend’s aid. Bohling pushed both women down the ravine but only Chang survived due to a branch that broke her fall. Liu, who was sexually assaulted by Bohling, succumbed to her injuries the following day, while Chang sustained injuries but is expected to recover.
Disturbing chat logs: According to the chat messages Khumpuok shared with The News-Herald, she had been chatting with Bohling since morning on the day of the crime. 
Bohling shared that he had a dream in which he felt detached from his own body while sleeping. He then mentioned that he was preparing to go out and would message Khumpuok later.
Later that day, Khumpuok received a photo from Bohling showing the mountainous area where he had parked. Several more selfies would arrive in the evening at 6:53 p.m. Thailand time (1:53 p.m. Germany time).
The final photo Bohling sent to Khumpuok featured two people kneeling while overlooking the castle, with the caption: “And now I get to sit here and look at these 2 try to get the perfect insta.”
Bohling’s arrest: After allegedly attacking the two women, the suspect fled the scene but was later captured by law enforcement officers following a large-scale search operation.
A judge has ordered that Bohling remains in custody pending a potential indictment while authorities pursue charges of murder, attempted murder, and sexual offenses against him.
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