Germany Has an Awesome Solution to Saving the Lives of People Who Text and Walk

In an effort to ensure the safety of its pedestrians, one city in Germany has installed traffic signals right into its sidewalks so pedestrians will not need to look up while using their smartphones.
Officials of Augsburg discovered that many pedestrians often ignored traffic signals when walking while absorbed with their smartphones, the Washington Post reported.
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After a 15-year-old girl distracted by her phone was killed by a tram, officials decided to come up with a solution.
They came up with the idea of embedding traffic lights right on the sidewalk so that pedestrians would still be aware of the traffic light signals even while they are staring downward.
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According to a recent survey conducted in Berlin, about 20% of pedestrians who are distracted by their mobile devices miss traffic signal changes. It was also revealed that the younger generation is willing to risk their safety for a quick Facebook check.
While the concept seemed like a smart solution, some local critics argue the initiative is a waste of taxpayers’ money.
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