Georgia Supermarket Calls Police on Vietnamese Mom After Suspecting She Stole a $1 Bag of Garlic

Georgia Supermarket Calls Police on Vietnamese Mom After Suspecting She Stole a $1 Bag of Garlic

August 3, 2018
A local woman’s trip to a local supermarket in Duluth, Georgia escalated into utter confusion after the manager called the cops on her over a dollar’s worth bag of garlic.
Jimmy Tran is seeking an apology from the owner of Great Wall supermarket in Duluth for allegedly violating her mother’s character after a visit to the store Wednesday morning.
Tran posted a video and wrote about the peculiar incident on Facebook in a bid to defend her mom.  
According to Tran, the manager, who he identified as Joshua Wang, halted his mom on her way out and accused her of stealing something from the store and damaging a bag of garlic.
“Earlier my mom went shopping at their store and the manager says mom steal stuff from their store and damage their $1 dollar bag of garlic and stop her on the way out of the store and they make a big deal out of it,” Tran wrote.
Tran explained that his mom merely returned the bag of garlic after inspecting it and finding it to not be fresh and took a new bag instead.
After the manager confronted his mom about it, Tran said he tried to convince him to not make a big deal about it since his family is a regular customer. He earlier noted in his post that his family has spent over $1,000 at the supermarket.
“Mom already paid for everything over 100 dollars…I even told the manager let resolve this and this is minor, not a big deal. They make it a big deal,” Tran wrote.
However, the manager proceeded to call the police and told them that the mom has been banned from the store.
“This is the most ridiculous action a manager could ever do to a loyal customer.. This is insulting to us… They owe my mom a sincere apology from their owner for violate her character and not understanding their customer,” Tran added.
Tran, whose post has since been widely viewed and shared on Facebook, has yet to receive a response from the owners of the supermarket.
Meanwhile, many Vietnamese Americans have flooded the store’s page with angry comments berating the management over the incident.
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