Cambodian Jeweler Defends His Store From Looters in Georgia

A Cambodian jeweler in Georgia defended his shop from looters with his gun after riots broke out in the area on Friday night. 

Since Friday, a series of protests have erupted across the country, condemning the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police officers. In the evening, some of these protests escalated into looting and destruction of private property.

In Buckhead, Atlanta, Antwerp Diamonds owner Slim the Jeweler faced off with local intruders on Friday evening. He was able to defend his business by firing his gun to scare the looters away.


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Footage of the incident was captured by Twitter user Bryangee who posted the video online. In the clip, gunshots can be heard as people were seen fleeing the area.

Slim the Jeweler explained via text why he was forced to use his gun, according to Instagram account Asianswithattitudes.


“Well they fired at me first. So we fired bakk [sic]. Then they started scrambling to get away from the gun fire,” the business owner was quoted as saying.

As NextShark previously reported, Asian businesses were among those looted and vandalized in different locations across the U.S.

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