George Takei Rips Apart Racist Trolls Who Are Mad ‘Star Trek’ Discovery’ Isn’t White Enough

George Takei Rips Apart Racist Trolls Who Are Mad ‘Star Trek’ Discovery’ Isn’t White Enough
Khier Casino
May 31, 2017
George Takei, a.k.a. Captain Hikaru Sulu, is ready to shut down anyone who is less than thrilled about the “Star Trek: Discovery” casting of Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green.
CBS released the trailer earlier in May for its upcoming series, the first in the franchise since “Star Trek: Enterprise” concluded in 2005, according to HuffPost.
But not everyone was happy about an Asian and Black woman leading the crew aboard the starship Discovery.
Enough with your racial and gender quotas Hollywood,” one commenter wrote.
On Sunday, Takei, who starred in the original “Star Trek” series and a number of movies as the iconic Captain Sulu, was on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” to talk about why some people believe that having a diverse cast would ruin the Star Trek franchise.
In the interview, he slammed critics saying that they are ignorant of what creator Gene Roddenberry intended for the series.
Today in this society we have alien life forms that we call trolls,” he said. “And these trolls carry on without knowing what they’re talking about and knowing even less about the history of what they’re talking about.
Now these so-called trolls haven’t seen a single episode of the new series, because it hasn’t been aired,” he went on. “And they don’t know the history of Star Trek [either] … [Star Trek creator] Gene Roddenberry created this with the idea of finding strength in our diversity ― and also the delight of life in diversity.
He also added: “We had a guiding acronym ― IDIC ― which stood for infinite diversity in infinite combinations. We boldly went where we hadn’t gone before because we were curious about what’s out there. And when you go out into space you are going to have even greater diversity.
During the morning show, Takei also compared “trolls” to President Donald Trump, whom he dubbed as “ignorant” of the issues about Japanese internment, which Takei’s family was affected by during World War II.
Live long and prosper, Captain Sulu!
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