Geoff 93044, Who Cheated on His Girlfriend of 8 Years, Allegedly Seen Together With Her Again

In January of this year, Twitter was shaken up with some extremely hot tea in the form of a cheating scandal when Instagram photographer Geoff Hamanishi, simply referred to as the 93044, was exposed as an unfaithful boyfriend.

Now, it appears the whole arc is behind him and the girlfriend he had previously cheated on, Kassandra, is back with him according to several eyewitness reports on Twitter.

via Twitter / Anthony_Pham15

Others also backed the claim, and allegedly said that they saw them together.

via Twitter / hannahhwanng
via Twitter / KatAgusto
via Twitter / reenahbastro

In a follow up tweet, the original poster of the claim, Anthony Pham, wrote that what he saw was legit.

via Twitter / Anthony_Pham15

Before the scandal broke out in January, Hamanishi was thought to be the epitome of the supportive and loyal boyfriend. But things went south when his cheating habit was leaked online, and many of their supporters couldn’t help but rally behind Kassandra.

Memes were created to make fun of Hamanishi. Then later on, after posting an apology online, he deleted his Instagram account @the93044; however, it was unclear exactly when he decided to close down the social media account.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / Anthony_Pham15

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