‘Genshin Impact’ voice actor harassed for voicing a character players hate

‘Genshin Impact’ voice actor harassed for voicing a character players hate
Bianca Gray
October 1, 2021
Chinese voice actor Gui Niang is facing harassment online for voicing an unpopular five-star character in the Chinese gacha game “Genshin Impact.”
Divine Priestess: Niang, who voices the playable character Sagonomiya Kokomi, had to restrict her livestream due to a number of “Genshin Impact” players directing negative comments towards her, according to Sportskeeda
  • The character Kokomi has been widely regarded by fans as the worst five-star character that “Genshin” has released thus far because she is meant to be a healer and is not able to do as much damage as a five-star character theoretically should. 
  • A large portion of the game’s player base has made it clear to Mihoyo, the company behind the game,” through online comments and sales numbers that they dislike the character. Sales on the first day Kokomi was available totaled to around $700,000, while the character before Kokomi brought in around $9 million in sales, NextShark previously reported. 
  • Because of the negative comments directed towards her, Niang restricted her livestream to only let those who had a Badge Level 3, a tiered membership, comment, GamerBraves reported.
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“Care for a walk?”: This isn’t the first time that some players in the “Genshin” community have harassed the voice actors of the game. 
  • During the 2.1 update livestream in August, “Genshin Impact” English voice actors were the ones hosting the stream. The stream was over an hour late, which upset some players from the get-go. 
  • Because the voice actors seemed to be reading prepared lines, players called the stream “cringe” and threw hate the actors’ way for seeming to not know enough about the game.
  • While it’s known that not all “Genshin” voice actors play the game, some players were upset that the voice actors’ excitement seemed “staged,” according to GamingonPhone
  • Zach Aguilar, who voices Aether in the game, took to Twitter to voice his frustrations about players who attack the voice actors. He wrote, “Voice actors don’t know everything about the projects we’re in. We’re normal people with jobs that we do our best on.” 
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