‘Genshin Impact’ ratings tanked by angry players dissatisfied with an in-game gift

‘Genshin Impact’ ratings tanked by angry players dissatisfied with an in-game gift‘Genshin Impact’ ratings tanked by angry players dissatisfied with an in-game gift
Bianca Gray
September 29, 2021
Anniversary celebration?: Gacha video game Genshin Impact” celebrated its first anniversary on Sept. 28 by gifting players 10 wishes. However, many players were upset by the gesture leading up to the anniversary and afterwards.
  • The mega-popular video game made $1 billion in its first six months just from mobile sales, according to BBC. The game is also available on PC and the PlayStation 4. 
  • While the game has been hugely successful and is supported by a large player base, Mihoyo’s anniversary gifts were seen as dismal by players, with many content creators taking to YouTube to voice their complaints. 
  • “Genshin Impact” also just released a new character named Kokomi that players can roll for. Many players believe that the character is relatively “weak” and isn’t worth the 90 wishes that one would have to use up in order to receive her. The previous character banner made Mihoyo over $9 million in its first two days while the new banner made $700,000 on its debut, according to Win
  • The culmination of Mihoyo barely giving any rewards for “Genshin’s” anniversary, especially when compared to their other game “Honkai Impact 3rd” — where players received free crystals, a new character outfit, in-game items and free characters — and their newly released character being “weak” has resulted in a virtual riot by the “Genshin” player base.
No five-star characters? Then no five-star reviews: Players of “Genshin Impact” have taken to the Google Play Store app to air out their frustrations with the game’s company. 
  • The rating for the game dropped to as low as two stars due to the many one-star reviews. 
  • One user wrote, “I have been playing for almost a year and spending money on the game too…The biggest disappointment of all, the anniversary. I expect more in game rewards from the developer asides [sic] from just 10 wishes.”
  • Another wrote, “Played this game for an entire year and the anniversary rewards are enough to make me consider quitting entirely. Mihoyo needs to address the community.”
  • Others expressed frustration that there’s not enough to do at the end of the game, currently, as a lot of replayable events are locked behind a currency called “resin.” 
  • The ratings are, at the time of this writing, up to three stars as other reviewers have been coming to Mihoyo’s defense. 
In response to the backlash, Mihoyo will be sending “Genshin Impact” players four additional gifts. The first one contained 400 primogems, the game’s currency to make wishes, and a new glider. It also included a message from the company saying, “We sincerely thank you for your continuous support and love for Genshin Impact, and we would like to offer this thank-you gift to express our gratitude,” according to GamesRadar
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