Geneva To Open a ‘Fellatio Cafe’ That Offers a Special Service With Coffee

Oral sex will be one of the main specialties on the menu of a Swiss coffee shop when it opens in Geneva very soon.

A Geneva-based escort firm called Facegirl took to the task of revolutionizing the way men enjoy their coffee in the morning by including blowjobs as order add-ons, reports Daily Mail. The store will be patterned after similarly-set up shops in Thailand.

Since prostitution is legal in Switzerland, the idea of a “fellatio cafe” seemed like a no-brainer and it was just a matter of time until a company implemented it.

Male customers who are ready to shell out more than 55 Euros, or about $61, get to choose among available prostitutes on an iPad after ordering coffee. The special service will not be offered to females.

Facegirl representative Bradley Charvet told the newspaper Le Matin that customers simply need to select an order, pick the preferred “fellatio attendant” and then enjoy the service that may last for five to ten minutes.

A local anti-prostitution group, however protests the business model saying that it would only benefit the business owners.

While buying and selling sexual acts is legal in Switzerland, the government imposes strict regulations for those who engage in such businesses. Each sex worker is required to have a valid permit to practice his/her occupation.

While an exact date of the cafe’s launch is yet to be announced, reports indicate that it will be ready by the end of the year.

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