Generous Malaysian Man Gives Away $9,946 to Help Struggling Homeowners

Generous Malaysian Man Gives Away $9,946 to Help Struggling HomeownersGenerous Malaysian Man Gives Away $9,946 to Help Struggling Homeowners
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December 24, 2016
Lee Hui Sen, a kind-hearted Samaritan who gave up his $9,946 for an auctioned house so another family can continue having a roof over their heads, has skirted publicity for his selfless act.
We are still unclear about his whereabouts,” Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia chief Datuk Nadzim Johan told The Star via AsiaOne.
Sen has remained out of the public eye, but the chief wanted to reward him for his good deed.
Nadzim Johan also enlisted the help of the banks involved in the auction to find out if a letter left in July in the mailbox of the family living in the Subang house was real or not.
In the handwritten letter, Lee said that after seeing the house, he could not bring himself to take it from the family still living there.
The couple, identified only as S and Nor, 42, live in the house with their 20-year-old daughter, and said they were grateful but may be facing another bank auction.
At the moment, I can only pray and wait for the best for my family,” said Nor, a former bank officer.
Nor added that she and her husband’s own business didn’t pan out the way they’d hoped, and had been behind on mortgage payments over the past two years.
Her husband, who also previously worked at a bank, declared bankruptcy in 2014 after defaulting on the mortgage.
In the letter, Lee wrote that he decided not to continue with the purchase even though he had already put down a 10 percent payment.
The letter, which was addressed to the homeowners, is translated in full below:
I am Lee Hui Sen, the purchaser of the auctioned home in which you are living in now. I apologize for purchasing your home and I must have caused unnecessary worry upon you and your family. The other day, my family and I went to your home and I saw some children’s clothing outside the home.
With this, my family and I did not have the heart to ask you to leave after we have purchased your home. My family has made the decision to no longer pursue the home although we have already paid 10% to the High Court (RM44,500). We may lose the amount of money but the money would be going towards your bank account. We hope that this might be of help to you.
Despite that, you should discuss with the bank to restructure your loan, or the home will be on auction soon. You should discuss with the bank to lengthen the installment so that you can decrease each monthly amount to your own personal capability.
As a personal advice, if possible, you should also dispose of the old plants and flowers at the side of your home so that it would look neater, and good energy can then flow in. Also, most importantly the thorny tree beside your home. Good luck and have a nice life, forever to you and your family.
According to Discover KL, the letter has melted the hearts of netizens, just in time for the holiday season.
What a super good man! In times of bad economy, we still have angelic souls like this!” one Facebook user commented.
Another wrote: “Although he is of different faith, his love for others is certainly above and beyond. Here’s to wishing him a life full of success. Thank you Mr Lee Hui Sen.
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