One Tweet Sums Up How People React To ‘Sexy’ Photos Taken by a Female Teacher vs. a Male Teacher

Gemma Laird, a female teaching assistant at Bloemfontein Primary, County Durham, was fired this week after a parent found her her past lingerie modelling photos online.
Meanwhile, Pietro Boselli, a former math lecturer at University College London, was dubbed the “world’s hottest math teacher” in news headlines this week and continued his job after students dug up his underwear modelling pictures.
We know that women face disadvantages to men in many areas, like in shopping and work pay, for instance, but is there a double standard here as well?
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That’s the question being debated by some on Twitter after popular account Common White Girl, followed by over 890,000 users, tweeted the following side-by-side comparison, which has been retweeted nearly 2,300 times:
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Laird, 21, said of her firing:
“I was told that they didn’t want to damage the school’s reputation and that people would lose respect for the school if they found out I was a model.
“Another thing she said was that some of the pupils have low self esteem, and she didn’t want them to search for me on Facebook or Instagram.
“She said she doesn’t want her year six pupils thinking it is acceptable to be a model. She made me feel dirty and like I was a prostitute. It’s ridiculous.”
Boselli, 28, will earn his PhD in mechanical engineering later this year and has scored the featured modeling gig for Giorgio Armani’s EA7 sportswear line.
While many claim that these two cases clearly show a double standard, some argue that there are important differences, like the age of their students, between them.
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