Gemma Chan to voice character in ‘Diablo 4’ Season 2

Gemma Chan to voice character in ‘Diablo 4’ Season 2Gemma Chan to voice character in ‘Diablo 4’ Season 2
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Bryan Ke
August 23, 2023
Video game developer Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that Gemma Chan will be voicing a new character in “Diablo 4” Season 2 (“Season of Blood”).
Key details: Blizzard shared the news during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 on Tuesday, revealing that Chan, 40, will be the voice behind a vampire hunter named Erys in “Season of Blood,” which is scheduled for release in October.
How she reacted: During the announcement, the “Crazy Rich Asians” star shared that she is excited about her role as Erys, which marks her first voice acting role in a video game. She also said that video games have become “very much like interactive cinema now.”
About Erys: While specific details have yet to be revealed about Chan’s character, the actor and producer briefly teased that Erys is a seasoned vampire hunter and a “badass warrior companion” who has seen “quite a bit of horror in her lifetime.” Although she may come off as “cold and jaded,” Chan noted that Erys will “definitely have” the player’s back in a fight.
How fans reacted: Many fans were surprised to see the “Eternals” actor lending her voice to a character in “Diablo 4,” but their reactions have been mostly positive.
“I’m really glad the crowd were welcoming towards Gemma Chan,” one YouTuber user wrote.
“Bro how the f*ck is ‘Diablo 4’ this popular for them to afford Gemma Chan to play a character,” an X user wondered
Gemma Chan is so fine the MCU had to cast her twice, once as Minn-Erva and again as Sersi in ‘Eternals’ and she’ll make a great addition to the Diablo universe,” another X user said.

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