Gemma Chan’s Beautiful SAG Gown Took 100 Hours to Create

Gemma Chan, without a doubt, turned heads on the silver carpet at the recent Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards with her absolutely stunning gown, which actually took 100 hours to create and finish.

The “Crazy Rich Asians” star walked the silver carpet wearing a stunning pink asymmetric Oscar de la Renta gown with a ruffled skirt. This custom-made dress reportedly required 30 yards of silk taffeta that was pleated by hand.


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Fernando Garcia of Oscar de La Renta describes the dress as petal pleated plumes,” Chan’s stylist, Rebecca Corbin-Murray, told The Hollywood Reporter. “100 hours of hand pleating 30 yards of silk taffeta went into creating this unique custom gown for Gemma.”

For her appearance at the SAG Awards last Sunday, the team said they were inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and “the timelessness of actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly,” Corbin-Murray said. She also added that they wanted to do something “unique, playful and modern that would also stand the test of time.”

“Vintage pieces have such a nostalgic appeal and so many stories and secrets attached to them.”

The gown has an ethereal quality to it. In some ways, it looks like plumes and feathers and then it also has this fragile flower-like construction,” the stylist said. “The original gown idea was going to be black but we really loved the idea of pink. Pink is feminine and powerful.”

Chan’s hair at the SAG Awards complimented her amazing gown, thanks to her hairstylist, Clariss Rubenstein.

We share inspiration and thoughts on the look. We usually have a plan for the day and I always do a ‘rough draft’ with some hair pins so we can play around a bit before doing the final look. Things can always change the day of but I still like a little time to get a mental mood board going,” she said in the interview, noting that she enjoyed working with Chan and that how she has great style and loves the glam process.

I love the sweetness of this look,” Rubestein continued. “Especially when wearing a dress I love the contrast of hair that is easy and zero fuss. I feel this gives the look a bit of girly coolness. Nothing overdone. Gemma’s hair has naturally great texture, it kind of does what it’s told. I use a combination of irons to create a subtle wave before adding Dove Invisible Dry Shampoo for texture.”

Gemma reminds me of a modern Audrey Hepburn. She is so timeless and classy and I wanted the make-up to reflect that,” he make-up artist, Monika Blunder, who was also inspired by Aubrey Hepburn for Chan’s “classy” beauty look.

Gemma reminds me of a modern Audrey Hepburn. She is so timeless and classy and I wanted the make-up to reflect that,” she said. “I wanted her skin to look velvety with a touch of pink that was soft and didn’t compete with the dress.”

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