Indonesian Singer Kicks Man in The Face After He Grabbed Her Crotch

Indonesian Singer Kicks Man in The Face After He Grabbed Her CrotchIndonesian Singer Kicks Man in The Face After He Grabbed Her Crotch
One intoxicated creep received a well-deserved kick in the face from a female Indonesian celebrity after he allegedly grabbed her crotch while she was performing on stage.
Singer/DJ Gebby Vesta was singing on stage at a club when the unidentified man shamelessly touched her crotch and then tried to make a reach for it one more time, reports Tribun News (via Coconuts).  
A video of the incident was later posted on the celebrity’s Instagram account. “I kicked his face and still my heart is not satisfied!!” Vesta wrote in her post caption.

Udah nendang mukanya tetap aja belum puas hati gue!! Susah kalau preman pasar masuk club jadi norak!!

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The man can be seen laughing as he was being dragged away from the stage, showing no remorse for his actions.
Some netizens naturally commended the singer for fighting back against the abusive bar patron. Shockingly, however, there were those who still found reasons to blame the victim for her sexy and revealing outfit.
As if to justify the man’s abhorrent behavior, one commenter wrote, “If I were the guy I’d do the same thing. She’s offering herself, so it’s understandable that I’d go for it.”
“This is like a cat being offered a fish,” another one agreed.
Ignoring the netizen’s apparent victim-blaming, Vesta instead criticized the way the club’s security handled the situation.
“I am contractually obligated to appear sexy,” she pointed out. “But the stupid security guards, when they knew that there was an irritating incident experienced by the artist, they allowed the drunk thug by giving him room to have fun.”
Vesta added that the club apologized for the incident and she is no longer considering filing a case against its management. She further noted that she will keep the video posted on her Instagram account to encourage other establishments to provide protection to artists against any form of sexual harassment during performances.
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