Filipino Mom Shows Love For Her Gay Son By Putting Makeup on Him

An adorable moment between a mother and her gay son was captured in a viral photo, sending many netizens’ hearts aflutter online.

In the image posted by Twitter user @quinn_lasaleta over the weekend, a Filipino mom can be seen putting makeup on her son at the SM City department store in Manila.

Lasaleta wrote in a mix of English and Filipino, “The kid [in the image] is gay and his mother is the one putting makeup on him, they look so cute.”

“I salute the mother with her love for her child, support your child where he will be happy,” he added.

According to Lasaleta, the child was embarrassed at first but gained some confidence after his mom reassured him by saying, “Why would you be ashamed, this is what you want, right?”

Echoing the mom’s sentiments, Lasaleta then wrote, “Just be proud. Peace, love, acceptance.”

Lasaleta’s tweet has received more than 40,000 likes and 7,000 retweets so far.

Netizens showered the mom with praise over her gesture which many found to be sweet and loving.

Popular beauty vlogger Michelle Dy was also touched by the gesture and offered to give a gift to the young boy: “Would love to give this kid some of my make up! How can I reach him? Tag please”

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