Gay Couple Refused at 2 Love Hotels in Japan Over Alleged Homophobia

love hotel

Despite a law that protects guests of any sexual orientation from being turned away from hotels, a gay couple was reportedly refused by two in Japan. 

Rejected twice: The pair tried to get accommodations but was rejected by two love hotels in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture on May 5, Kyodo News reported. 

  • According to the Guardian, the rejected guests are in a civil partnership recognized by the local government. 
  • One of the men narrated that while the receptionist was polite, he told them “men aren’t allowed.”
  • The second love hotel to reject them was blunter, with the female receptionist allegedly using homophobic language as she told them, “Gay men don’t use the facilities properly.” 
  • The man lamented that he felt he and his partner were “treated like second-class citizens.”

Warnings issued: When one of the men reported the incident to local authorities, officials from the prefecture warned the operators of the two hotels against such practice.

  • In Japan, a guideline under the hotel business law was amended in January 2018, which made it illegal for hotels and inns to refuse any guests because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • The official who looked into the case said the city will continue to educate the hotel businesses in Amagasaki to improve their treatment of sexual minorities.
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