Garbage Scavenging Woman Becomes Internet Celebrity in China After Starting Live-Stream

A Chinese woman in Songyuan is making a living out of scavenging from heaps of garbage, but instead of just gathering junk, she’s now collecting fans from the internet as well.

When Tao Yuqiu decided to set up live-streaming equipment at her home, she never intended to become an internet celebrity — she simply wanted to connect with others.

However, Tao has now amassed quite a following as netizens showered her live-streams with praise. According to Shanghaiist, Tao’s neighbor sees her as “an example for us all” since she’s “always extremely optimistic,” despite the grimy nature of her job.

Tao is not the only one optimistic about her job as most comments left on her live-streaming broadcasts are mostly positive as well.

The internet has made a celebrity out of several different people, including a photogenic vegetable-selling girl, and even a girl group that is regarded as the “ugliest” in China. People with disabilities have also made it big online, such is the case of Yang Li, an internet celebrity who has already gathered over 900,000 followers for her live-streaming videos.

Yang lost her arms in an accident at the age of three, but that did not stop her from showing netizens how capable she is of pretty much doing most daily tasks without her arms. Yang even has a job in administration, which proves that the lack of limbs certainly is no hindrance to success.

Featured Image Screenshot via Pear Video

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