Chinese Actress Reveals ‘Rotting’ Nose from Cosmetic Surgery That Put Career on Hold

Chinese Actress Reveals ‘Rotting’ Nose from Cosmetic Surgery That Put Career on Hold
Ryan General
February 10, 2021
Chinese actress Gao Liu shared images of her damaged nose resulting from a botched cosmetic procedure.
Liu was doing well in her career and featured in multiple projects when she suddenly stayed out of the public view for months.
The rising star would later explain on her Weibo account that she laid low for months due to a “cosmetic surgical incident” that resulted in nose necrosis, the death of the tip’s tissue, BBC reports.
In sharing the photos with her five million followers, Liu said she wanted to caution people against the possible harm that cosmetic surgery can do.
According to Liu, she decided to undergo surgery after a friend recommended a plastic surgeon from a clinic in Guangzhou. 
Liu noted that she was advised to “get a slight trim” and thought that doing so would bolster her career.
“The entire procedure lasted four hours. I thought that in these four hours, I would be made more beautiful,” she wrote on Weibo. “I didn’t expect these four hours to be the beginning of a nightmare.”
She described her nose feeling “irritated and tingly” soon after the procedure was finished.
While the surgeon told her she would be able to go back to work by December or January, she hadn’t done so because her nose got infected repeatedly.
Liu revealed she had thoughts of committing suicide as the situation got worse.
“The skin on the tip of my nose… became darker and darker, and my nose became necrotic,” she added.
The extent of the damage was so severe that she would have to wait for at least a year before she can undergo reconstructive surgery.
Liu said she lost 400,000 yuan ($61,900) in work after being hospitalized for two months.
Data from the Tianhe District Health Bureau revealed that the clinic committed unspecified offenses that resulted in five administrative penalties between March and October 2020.
Liu’s revelation has resulted in other individuals coming forward with their own complaints about the clinic.
Feature Image via Weibo/Gao Liu
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