Missing Chinese Tourist Found Casually Washing Clothes in a River in Thailand

A Chinese woman who was reported missing after she disappeared during a group tour at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand was finally found by local police, but she didn’t seem too happy about her rescue.
According to Sanook (via Coconuts Bangkok), the ‘lost’ tourist, identified as Gao Li Ping, was discovered in a nearby river washing her clothes after local authorities searched for two days. A resident who was living by the river less than one kilometer away from the zoo notified the police thinking that she might be the missing woman reported in the local news.
Gao was initially reluctant and began crying when she was approached. After residents calmed her down, she was brought to a nearby hospital for a check-up.
The distressed woman was later found to have just gone through a divorce in China before traveling to Thailand as a tourist. She was observed by her companions to often drift away from the group during the trip.
While she did not want to go back to China, she will be sent back home by the tour group after picking her up from the hospital, according to the authorities.
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