Gangster Korean Wife Throws Husband’s Lunch Down The Balcony After He Forgets It

One Korean wife is getting cheers from netizens for impressively delivering her husband’s forgotten lunch.

In a 13-second video, the unnamed wife is seen tossing a sandwich from the window of a high-rise apartment straight through the sunroof of her husband’s car.

The unusual cargo falls right on the vehicle’s front seat, Daily Mail said.

In response, the husband throws a quick thumbs up before speeding off.

The viral clip has been viewed over 900,000 times at YouTube. Commenters could not help but appreciate the wife’s shooting skills:

“Wife Level: Platinum.”

“A woman that makes you lunch and is a good throw. What a diamond.”

“Wow! What an arm, she could play in the big leagues!”

Check out the awesome moment below:

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