K-Pop Stars Who Gang-Raped 2 Women Get Prison Terms Significantly Cut

K-Pop Stars Who Gang-Raped 2 Women Get Prison Terms Significantly Cut
Kimberly Nguyen
By Kimberly Nguyen
May 12, 2020
Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon, two former Korean pop stars, had their sentences cut following the gang rape of two different survivors in November 2016.
Singer-songwriter Jung’s six-year sentence turned to five years. Choi, 30, a former member of South Korean boyband FT Island, had his five-year term cut in half by the Seoul High Court on Tuesday, Yahoo! News reported.
The two K-pop celebrities were charged for gang-rape and spycam crimes in November 2019. Jung, 31, had also been convicted of secretly filming women he was having sex with and posting the videos without their consent.
They are also required to complete 80 hours of a sexual violence treatment program and will be restricted from being employed at facilities related to children, adolescents, and the disabled for the next five years, according to Soompi.
“Jung Joon Young did not submit a written agreement with the victim,” the courts explained. “We have taken into consideration the fact that though the defendant continues to deny the charges, he is able to describe the situation at the time in great detail. But he is also sincerely reflecting on his actions.”
“The fact that Choi Jong Hoon reached an agreement with the victim has greatly affected his sentencing,” the added. “However, he continues to deny the charges and lacks sincere self-reflection.”
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