Women in Taiwan Are Now Earning Up to $9,500 a Month as Gaming Partners

There is an emerging career for female students and young graduates who want to tap into Taiwan’s growing gaming industry.

Unique profession: Taiwanese women are reportedly getting paid handsomely to play online games as an “accompanying gamer” to video game players, reported AsiaOne.

  • Providing a variety of additional services for their gaming clients, accompanying gamers may work part-time or full-time. Their profiles list a photo of themselves, many seemingly with filters on their faces accompanied by a description of their services.
  • The women’s main tasks are taking part in the game as well as helping gamers relax during practice sessions. For an extra fee, some offer added services such as singing a lullaby for their clients to sleep and then waking them up later.

Competitive income: Compared to a regular 9 to 5 office job, the flexibility of the work, as well as the potentially high income, has resulted in an increasing number of young women becoming accompanying gamers.

  • Accompanying gamers earn between 150 New Taiwan Dollars ($5) to NT$500 ($17) an hour as their base pay.
  • They are paid in half-day, weekly or monthly rates. More satisfied clients might also provide occasional cash gifts to the accompanying gamers, ensuring they will be using the services for a longer amount of time.
  • Online platforms such as 7cplay.com and Nicee.tw urged accompanying gamers to build a “stable customer base” for a more rewarding source of income.
  • For a part-time accompanying gamer, a month of work can earn them between NT$30,000 ($1,021) to NT$40,000 ($1,362).
  • Meanwhile, a full-timer can earn up to NT$100,000 ($3,406) a month. 
  • In Taiwan, those who have the skill to be deemed a “video game expert” can make up to NT$280,000 ($9,540) on a monthly basis.

  • Another example of a gaming companion service is epal.gg, available in the U.S., with both men and women on their roster.

Feature Image via Nicee.tw

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