Women in Taiwan Are Now Earning Up to $9,500 a Month as Gaming Partners

Women in Taiwan Are Now Earning Up to $9,500 a Month as Gaming PartnersWomen in Taiwan Are Now Earning Up to $9,500 a Month as Gaming Partners
There is an emerging career for female students and young graduates who want to tap into Taiwan’s growing gaming industry.
Unique profession: Taiwanese women are reportedly getting paid handsomely to play online games as an “accompanying gamer” to video game players, reported AsiaOne.
  • Providing a variety of additional services for their gaming clients, accompanying gamers may work part-time or full-time. Their profiles list a photo of themselves, many seemingly with filters on their faces accompanied by a description of their services.
  • The women’s main tasks are taking part in the game as well as helping gamers at top casino games to relax during practice sessions. For an extra fee, some offer added services such as singing a lullaby for their clients to sleep and then waking them up later.
Competitive income: Compared to a regular 9 to 5 office job, the flexibility of the work, as well as the potentially high income, has resulted in an increasing number of young women becoming accompanying gamers.
  • Accompanying gamers earn between 150 New Taiwan Dollars ($5) to NT$500 ($17) an hour as their base pay.
  • They are paid in half-day, weekly or monthly rates. More satisfied clients might also provide occasional cash gifts to the accompanying gamers, ensuring they will be using the services for a longer amount of time.
  • Online platforms such as 7cplay.com and Nicee.tw urged accompanying gamers to build a “stable customer base” for a more rewarding source of income.
  • For a part-time accompanying gamer, a month of work can earn them between NT$30,000 ($1,021) to NT$40,000 ($1,362).
  • Meanwhile, a full-timer can earn up to NT$100,000 ($3,406) a month. 
  • In Taiwan, those who have the skill to be deemed a “video game expert” can make up to NT$280,000 ($9,540) on a monthly basis.
  • Another example of a gaming companion service is epal.gg, available in the U.S., with both men and women on their roster.
Feature Image via Nicee.tw
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