Japanese Men Struggling to Say ‘Massachusetts’ is Pure Entertainment

Learning a foreign language is no piece of cake, but leave it to Japanese men who challenge themselves more than anyone by saying one of the trickiest English words in a game show: Massachusetts.

A clip from Japanese variety show Gaki no Tsukai recently surfaced on Reddit where comedian-painter Jimmy Onishi struggled to pronounce “Massachussets.”

The footage opens with the cast setting out to practice “important reading scenes.” At first, Onishi delivered his introduction well:

“My name is Annie.”

Until this happened:

“I was born in Massachuse-chu chuu.”

He went on:

“Born in Massa… te…”

“Massa-te-chu chuu”

“Massa-re… Massa-se… se-chu chuu… is where I was born.”

Another guy in the clip also struggled to say the word, though better than Onishi.

It’s more like he struggled containing his laughter.

Guys watching the reading cast had to contain their laughter as well, and with this being Gaki no Tsukai, those who chuckled received a well-deserved spank on the butt.

See the clip and try not to laugh!

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