Japan Made the Most Extra Umbrella to Survive Summer Heat

Some creative folks in Japan have come up with a nifty solution to the increasingly unbearable heat one has to endure whenever stepping outside during the summer season.

Oftentimes, a regular umbrella isn’t enough to shield you from the sun’s heat especially when temperatures reach around 100° Fahrenheit with humidity reaching high levels as well.

Fortunately, Japanese company Thanko has taken us into the future with the Fanbrella, a fan-umbrella hybrid that not only provides shade but also keeps its users cool with a fan above the head.

If the fan and shade aren’t enough, there’s also an option to spray the user with some cooling mist, by simply inserting the end of the handle into a plastic drink bottle.

The cooling mist is easily released from above with just a push of a button on Fanbrella’s handle.

Sold only at the Thanko online shop for 5,980 yen ($55.42) including tax, the futuristic gadget provides five hours of fan/mist use on just four Double A batteries. According to Soranews24, Fanbrella is compatible with any bottle with an opening of 1.1 inches in diameter.


Featured image via Thanko

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