Future Olympian vibes: Adorable 4-year-old Chinese girl snowboards and skis like a pro in viral video

viral 4 yr old snowboarding
  • A 4-year-old Chinese girl, Zhang Duoduo, is impressing viewers with her snowboarding and skiing skills in a viral video.
  • Her father hopes for Duoduo to compete in the Olympics in the future.

A 4-year-old Chinese girl went viral after she amazed viewers with her snowboarding and skiing skills. 

Zhang Duoduo, from Shandong Province, has only been involved in the sport for a few weeks, but her excellent skills and talent make her seem like a natural.

Zhang shows off her skills with confidence while skiing and snowboarding down the snow-covered mountain and can occasionally be seen spinning around and sliding side-to-side in the video.

“She can grasp in just one day the proficiency in skiing that would normally take three days for many other kids that I teach to master,” Duoduo’s father Zhang Hekai told News 11 Paper

Mr. Zhang was himself an extreme roller-skating world champion, according to News 11, and has also won a national freestyle title in skiing. His daughter, who started roller blading around 2 years old, followed in his footsteps to win a youth roller skating competition in Shandong Province. 

Duoduo’s father hopes to bring her to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics as well as future Olympic events, perhaps even as a competitor.

Duoduo may have some fierce competition, though, as a similar video of an 11-month old baby girl snowboarding before she even learned how to walk, went viral late last year. 

Featured Images via ShanghaiEye魔都眼

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