‘Future of Asian Pacific America’ Challenge Kicks Off for APA Heritage Month

‘Future of Asian Pacific America’ Challenge Kicks Off for APA Heritage Month
Activate California
April 26, 2022
California 100
April 26, 2022
Editorial Staff
April 26, 2022
A new social media trend is challenging the AAPI community to imagine the future of Asian Pacific America just in time for APAHM.
The challenge was kicked off by California 100 and Activate California, two initiatives committed to inspiring and strengthening AAPI communities to tackle critical issues and strive for the changes needed for a better and more promising future. NextShark has partnered with CA100 and Activate California to bring you this challenge.

Show us your vision of an APA future!

We are challenging you to dream big and share your wildest hopes, visions and ideas for the future. Show us what you envision for a world that is innovative, sustainable and equitable for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. 

How to take the challenge:

  • Check out the following prompts:
1. The year is 2052 and you have just been elected President of the United States. You’re practicing your inauguration speech: How did you get here? How did your Asian American and NHPI communities support you along the way? What is the first thing you will do as President? 
2. It’s 2062 and you are the director of a major entertainment studio. How did you get here? What has changed? How did your Asian American or NHPI communities support you? What’s the next project you will greenlight?
3. You discover a wormhole, step in, and wake up in the year 2122. A beautiful world surrounds you. What are people celebrating? What has changed for the better in Asian American and NHPI communities?
  • Create and post a short video, illustration, collage, narrative, or other creative art on social media that is inspired by any of the prompts.
  • Tag @weareca100 and @activate.ca on social media and include hashtags #California100, #ActivateCA and #APAHM to submit. Only accounts that are public will be able to participate!
  • Follow @WeAreCA100 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Follow Activate California on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.
Our favorite submissions will be posted across California 100, Activate California and NextShark social accounts each week during APA Heritage Month — good luck!

Join the California 100 community!

Become a California 100 Futures Fellow! Write a Youth Manifesto, learn how to think and plan like a futurist, network with state-level leaders and changemakers, and build a strategy alongside other passionate leaders for our next century. Learn more and apply at California100.org/youth.
ABOUT CALIFORNIA 100: California 100 a transformative statewide initiative focused on inspiring a vision and strategy for California’s next century that is innovative, sustainable and equitable. Our mission is to strengthen our ability to collectively solve problems and shape the long-term future of California by identifying and mobilizing champions for innovation and equitable solutions.
ABOUT ACTIVATE CALIFORNIA: Activate California, a program of Asian American Futures, is an initiative committed to transforming how Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are represented in the media, in our communities, and in our democracy by building AAPI power and multi-racial solidarity. Activate California is launching this month. You can follow along at @activate.ca.
This post was made by NextShark with California 100 and Activate California.
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