Furious Thai Wife Finds Her Husband’s Mistress at a Party, Kicks Her in the Head

An enraged Thai wife from Bangkok, Thailand confronted her husband’s mistress at a house party but what happened next was totally unexpected.

A video footage showed a furious Thai woman attacking who is believed to be the mistress of her husband. According to Daily Mail, after her husband admitted that he had a “side chick,” his anonymous wife decided to go to the mistress’ house to confront her.

Ploy Tapadchum, the one who recorded the video of the incident, said that the wife launched nine vicious head strikes on the mistress, just like how an MMA fighter would.

“The wife was very, very angry and confronted the mistress at her own house. She had been dating her husband, who thought it was good to have a side chick,” Ploy said.

“She fights her and the girl didn’t resist. She knows she was in the wrong. It was very cruel and her friends were there watching, so nobody could stop it. She did wrong by taking another girl’s man but it is not right to beat the girl like this. Though most people can understand her anger,” he added.

Her friends who were there watching eventually calmed down the wife. The mistress was left shaken by what just happened.

Ploy said that the wife wanted people to see the video of her attack and although there is a valid reason for police to intervene, apparently they were not interested in getting involved.

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